Clean Cars Go Far

Clean Cars Go Far

Schedule a mobile car wash in Flint, TX

Why spend thousands of dollars on a car just to let it lose its luster and appeal? Taking care of your car is not only important for its performance, but it's also important for its resale value.

At McGuire's Mobile Detailing, we understand that waiting for a car wash doesn't always fit into your busy schedule. With our mobile car wash services, you don't have to spend time waiting around at the car wash. No matter where you are in the Flint, TX community, our automotive detailing experts will come to you to wash, wax, polish and shine your car until it looks brand-new.

Call 903-917-5708 to have one of our automotive detailing professionals meet you in Flint, TX.

See the difference detailing can make

Unlike your typical car wash, detailing your car takes more than just soap, water and a sponge. Automotive detailing involves going over your car with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that dirt and debris is completely gone.

McGuire's Mobile Detailing is dedicated to delivering superior mobile car wash service. Our auto detailing services come with hand washing and drying your car, along with polishing tires, cleaning door and trunk jambs, cleaning the wheel wells and under the hood and wiping down windows and mirrors inside and out. For motorcycles, our services include bug and tar removal, handwaxing, chrome cleaning and polishing and engine detailing.

To restore your car back to its natural shine, call McGuire's Mobile Detailing for mobile car wash services anywhere in Flint, TX.